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Who we are

At the Digital Hub in Madrid, we focus on continuously developing innovative solutions to serve BASF and its customers. Applying agile methodologies enables us to rapidly adapt to the changing demands of a digital environment. We believe that the right path to growth is through creativity, a positive failure culture and great people working and learning together.

You will love working with us!

Continuous Learning Mentality

We pride ourselves in creating an environment that promotes and fosters continuous learning including a positive failure culture. Additionally, we frequently develop and offer learning opportunities to all our employees as we deeply believe in their growth potential and development.

Employee Autonomy

Increased autonomy in the workplace permits employees to adapt their work to a format that is pleasing and positively effective. We thoughtfully base this ideal in the understanding that individuals work differently. The implementation of flexible schedules lets employees create an increased work/life balance leading to the encouragement of an environment filled with trust and personal responsibility

Diversity and Inclusion

We strongly believe and straightforwardly recognize that our employees are one of the main pillars and drivers of our success. Diversity promotes an environment of creativity, new ideas and innovation, directly creating an indulgence to new points of view

What are we looking for now?

We are actively searching for highly talented and motivated individuals with an appetite of constantly learning and developing themselves both personally and professionally. We are looking for people withexpertise in a single field and with the ability and interest to collaborate across multiple disciplines in a truly agile manner. Self-confident, contributing, individuals who ask and actively listen and are ready to learn and shape the future by participating in the continuous digitalization of the leading chemical company in the world.

Digital Trainee Program


Digital Hub Madrid is supporting the BASF business in transforming the digitalization landscape – our mission is to drive forward the digital transformation of BASF, providing innovative, global and high-quality digital products and services through a strong agile culture – question is, are you up for the challenge?

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